Jason and Anna from Opes Mortgages
Jason and Anna from Opes Mortgages

I'm ready to invest. Can you help me get a mortgage?

Getting a mortgage can be hard. Lenders have different rules.

The bank might say no. So it's easy to feel confused or let down when you get told 'no'.

That's where we can help.

We work with 26 different lenders around New Zealand. So if one says no, there are 25 others we can talk to.

Help me get a mortgage today

I can use any mortgage adviser, why would I use Opes?

  • 95% of the time there's no cost

    There's no cost to meet with us. And most of the time we get paid by the bank. So there's often no charge. On the off chance there is a cost, we'll let you know well in advance. No surprises.
  • More likely to get your mortgage approved

    Working with an adviser gives you a better chance of getting your application approved because we know what lenders are looking for.
  • We specialise in working with property investors

    As you grow a portfolio it gets harder to get more lending. Because we mainly work with property investors we can help you continue to grow.
April from Opes Mortgages
April from Opes Mortgages

We work with 26 lenders and will find the best solution for you.

Got a no from one bank? Don't worry we have 25 other lenders to try get you a 'yes'.

We know all 26 lending criteria and will choose the bank that's right for you. This is often different for each person.

Why should I trust you?

Don't listen to us, we're obviously biased. Here's what our clients have to say about our work.

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