Get ready to buy your first or next investment property

Thinking of investing in property but feeling lost? Maybe you got a 'no' from your bank.

No worries. We can help you get ready to buy your next investment property.

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How much will it cost me?


  • Find out what's holding you back from buying an investment property
  • Work with a mortgage adviser to get ready to invest
  • Get guided through the 8 steps to get Investment Ready
  • Create a plan to get Investment Ready
  • Meet with mortgage adviser every 90 days to review progress
  • No cost to you, the investor

How much does the Investment Ready service cost?

The problem... You're excited to invest in property. You've found the perfect one, you're feeling optimistic, and then... the bank says no. It's like a punch in the gut, right?

So, what's next? You still have that drive to move ahead financially. Property investment feels right for you, but that loan? It’s just out of reach for now. That’s where our Investment Ready programme comes in.

What do I get from Investment Ready? We want to help you grow an investment portfolio. So we'll find out what's stopping you from getting a mortgage. Then we'll create a plan to help you fix it.

How does the programme work? It's an 8-step journey to get you investment-ready. We'll walk you through each step. We're in it for the long haul. We will check-in with you every 3-6 months to track your progress.

What if I need more time? Some investors need more time. Maybe it's not a quick 6 month fix. In that case, we'll still tell you what you need to do. We might just catch up once a year if you don't need a catch up every 3 months.

And the price tag? Here’s the best part: it's $0. Yup, free.

Why is it free? We want to help all Kiwis become investors. If we help you to get in the position to invest, maybe you'll use us to get your mortgage.

Ready to invest but hit a roadblock?

Picture this: you think you're on the path to financial freedom. But the bank stops you in your tracks. Ouch. What do you do now?

A lot of us think investing in property is the answer. But getting that loan? Not always easy.

Yet, things will get better. The bank will usually let you borrow more over time. That's because your house value might go up, you might get a pay rise, and you'll slowly pay off your mortgage.

So, if today's answer is 'no', maybe in 6 years it'll be 'yes'. But who wants to wait that long? What if there's a faster way? Like, making it happen in a year or two? That's what you can do with Investment Ready.

This is the sort of property you might be able to invest in once you go through Investment Ready
This is the sort of property you might be able to invest in once you go through Investment Ready

8 steps to get you Investment Ready

This hands on service gives you the practical tactics you can use (right away) to get investing faster.

Not ready to invest? Our 'Investment Ready' programme makes it happen faster with just 8 easy steps.

Then once you're ready we'll help you get the mortgage. Your mortgage adviser will guide you, step-by-step.

What will I actually get out of Investment Ready?

You'll get someone who checks your mortgage application, pointing out all the ways to improve your chances of getting it approved. That's what a mortgage adviser does.

They share stories of what other investors did and what worked for them.

No special tricks, we'll show you the steps you need to take to get the bank to say yes.

"You've told me everything I need to do to get invest ready, why should I still use a mortgage adviser?"

You might be thinking this ...

I get it, lots of people think that.

Some people think a mortgage adviser's job is to get the lowest interest rate.

But today? Whether you have an adviser or go solo, you're probably looking at the same rates.

The real benefit of a mortgage adviser is that they can help you set up your mortgage to either pay it off faster, save on interest, or get ready to borrow more money.

Which one am I?

I'm ready to get Investment Ready.

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Is this the right programme for me?

I should do this programme if:

  • I don't know where to start
  • The bank said 'no' to me and I don't know what to do next.
  • I want to invest now rather than in 6 years time.
  • And finally, you’re ready to become a property investor.

I shouldn't do this programme if:

  • I'm not willing to do the steps to get myself financially ready.
  • I'm not willing to commit to getting Investment Ready.