Peter Norris and April Hastilow chatting to clients
Peter Norris and April Hastilow chatting to clients

Who are Opes Mortgages?

We are mortgage advisers who specialise in working with property investors. We help all types of borrowers but property investment ... that's our main focus.

You can use us to get that mortgage, sort your loans, get ready to invest, or just make sure you're covered with the right insurance.

We're part of the Opes Group and Opes Partners is our sister company.

You used to know us as Catalyst Financial but we rebranded in 2023.

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Who can I work with?

You can work with any of our 10 financial advisers to get the right mortgage or insurance.

We're here to chat, give you advice, and help you hit those money goals.

You'll find our offices in Auckland and Christchurch, but no matter where you are in the country, we've got your back.