Here's the course that will get you investment ready

Thinking of getting into property investing but feeling lost? Or did the bank give you a thumbs down? Don't worry, it doesn't mean it's a dead-end. You might just need a mortgage adviser to show you the ropes and help you find your way.

Watch our investment ready course here

  • #1 What is the Investment Ready course?

  • #2 Do I really need a mortgage adviser?

  • #3 Choose your strategy

  • #4 Crunch your numbers

  • #4a Crunch your numbers - live example

  • #5 Intro to mortgage plays

  • #6 Mortgage Buster Strategy

  • #7 Split Banking Strategy

  • #8 Reno to Hero Strategy

  • #9 Commitment Issues Strategy

  • #10 Debt Destroyer Strategy

  • #11 Earn Baby Earn Strategy

  • #12 Re-run the numbers

  • #13 Pull it all together